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Many know me as Val White and others as Val Bianco.  To clear this up, my dad John Bianco was born in America, son of Manuele Bianco who was born in Portugal as was his mother Marianna.   The only other thing I know at this time is that the name Manuele is of Italian origin. On my fathers birth record in 1924 someone added the name White after Bianco, ( John Bianco White),  to Americanize it.  On his Honorable Discharge from the service the government used Valentino Bianco.  In the early 1900's the government was very lax and much to do about names and changes.  Some officials took it upon themselves to  change names, other immigrants gave the wrong names because they were fleeing from the law or persecution in their countries and some wanted American names in hope to find it easier to get work, and yet, some simply wanted American names because they believed in freedom.   When I was growing up many of my dads close friends would call him Bianco.  Somewhere along the line his legal name became Valentino John White which he liked.   The name Valentino came in because my dad was born on February 13th, or 14th, there are two different dates on documents.   Hence forth, Valentino.   I choose to honor my fathers first given name Bianco for my work but my legal name is Val White.   I used Bianco Motorcycles when I started my custom motorcycle shop in the 1980's and I have continued to use Bianco through out my life.  When I was younger a very close friend of mine called me V Bianco which I still use sometimes and others still call me Mr Bianco.   
                                                    Just don't call me to late for shrimp scampi, shrimp marsala, steak, lobster, linguini and clams, zuppa di pesce, red or white, scallops with creamy pesto sauce, fetuccine alfrado, with scallops, broccoli, or asparagus. Garlic with everything. Oh yeah, and roasted or suateed garlic and olive oil over linguini or angle hair. Hallelujah!                                  
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